Breaking Down 10,000 Eggs To Prepare An Omelette

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This Belgian town has been making an enormous 10,000 egg omelette for years.

BRUSSELS: Defying rain and a tainted egg scandal that has shaken European consumers, a Belgian town has turned nearly 10,000 eggs into one of the largest omelette for the whole community.

Cooks and volunteers whipped up the massive concoction using enormous wooden utensils, an oversized and oiled pan, bacon and green onions. They then distributed it to a hungry public.

It’s an annual event in the town of Malmedy that took on greater meaning this year, as several European countries have reported receiving eggs or egg products contaminated by a pesticide.

Several Dutch and Belgian poultry producers are under investigation, though no one has fallen ill from the eggs and health risk is low.

Omelette event co-founder Benedicte Mathy says,

“Organizers verified the sourcing for all the eggs used and deemed them danger-free”.


“I did not have any problem finding enough eggs, but the week has indeed been a bit different,”


Benedicte Mathy, president of the local branch of the World Giant Omelette Brotherhood. Belgium and the Netherlands are at the center of the crisis that has so far seen tainted eggs found in 15 EU countries, Switzerland and Hong Kong, with millions of eggs removed from supermarket shelves.

Mathy, who has organised the annual Giant Omelette festival in Malmedy for more than 20 years, insists every precaution has been taken in collecting the eggs used.

 “We have largely organised our own supplies, about 8,000 eggs, which come from a farm some 40 kilometres (25 miles) from here — so we know the quality,”

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