Learning a foreign language? Here are 3 Netflix shows for you

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Foreign language shows that you can binge watch and also learn the language

Netflix has a variety of shows for everyone, so many options. If you want to binge watch a show as well as want to be productive or learn something. Then here we are with some of the greatest shows are intensely engaging and you can binge watch while improving the language you are learning. The best to learn should be fun, no? Here we go!

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (Japanese)

A midnight restaurant as you can guess it by its name is a show of a restaurant that operates between 12 AM to 7 AM by the chef “The Master”. Who cooks and somehow give solutions to his customers’ problems. Watch the show to learn some lesson and some different heartwarming stories.

Borderliner (Norwegian)

Norwegian crime drama series is a gritty, thrilling, and violent introduction to Nordic noir. The series full of expected and unexpected twist revolved around a police offer who is investigating a suicide in his hometown. The show is perfect for you if you are into crime series.

Money Heist (Spanish)

This show and its characters on their journeys will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the show. The show is a bank heist drama that tracks the journey of a group consisting of 8 people trying to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. It’s a combination of a complex and nerve-wracking show. Amazing for binge-watching and learning Spanish.

Netflix has everything, now watch these and improve your Japenese, Spanish or Norwegian and enjoy!

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