Leisure Leagues Pakistan – The Ticket Prices Are Just Too High For Football Fanatics

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Leisure leagues Pakistan is just playing with the emotions of football lovers by high fares.

Football is the fastest growing sport in Pakistan and in last few years it has turned out be the first love for many. Streets, sandy grounds and bumpy surfaces, football is everywhere in our country. However the lack of resources has not effected the love of people for the game in the country. The growing craze for the football is beyond comparison whether it is on field or off field. From the northern valleys to the south-eastern coastline, football is in the blood of this nation.

The sad thing is lack of interest by government in these recreational activities for the youth. Also the situation is bleak in most parts of the country, no such international tournaments, not even proper representation of football team and no proper resources. Despite of all these circumstances, fans are optimist about a change.

Leisure Leagues Pakistan

Leisure Leagues, is a UK based company and one of the largest supplier of 5 aside leagues in the world. In 2016 Leisure league began its operations in Pakistan and it was a remarkable initiative for the locals. Pakistan is the fourth country, where leisure leagues Pakistan began its operations after UK, USA and Ireland. It gave a sense of support for the local football lovers, by launching its operation in the country.

There no doubt that this initiative is unique and great for the football loving youth of Pakistan. Furthermore the company announced its exhibition match including Ronaldinho, Robert Pires, Nicolas Anelka and David James. The announcement ignited the spirit of football lovers and this news was like, all we wanted was just a glimpse of International players here. However the response was more than expectation just on a announcement.

Almost a week ago Leisure league disclosed their ticket prices for the exhibition match and it shattered the dreams of many of watching these legends live. The majority of fans are from middle class and lower middle class and it seems like all business for them. Their claims of promoting football in Pakistan looks like promotional statements because majority can’t bear it.

Leisure league

Even social media reacted on this move of Leisure league and majority looked upset.

Leisure League

Leisure League

We appreciate the step taken by Leisure league and team to organize the match of this intensity for football starve nation. But at the same moment we expect Leisure League management to look into the matter and make it ease for the majority to have glimpse of Legends in the homeland.

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