The Pakistani Duo Leo Twins Have Made A Cover Of Shape Of You and It Is Lit!

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Just when you thought you had had enough of Ed Sheeran’s song Shape Of You, these Pakistani lads called Leo Twins released their cover and proved that it can still be enjoyed.

Shape of You is one of the most heard songs of the year, and for good reasons. It’s great fun and highly addictive. People from all over the world have made their covers and parodies of it. And loads of memes, too.

However, the instrumental cover made by the Leo Twins tops them all.

Leo Twins comprises of Sharoon Leo and Haroon Leo. They are two identical twin brothers belonging to Islamabad, Pakistan. Their talent was first showcased on Nescafe Basement, where they played the guitar and the violin in seasons 3 and 4. Their extraordinary performances caused waves and got them praises from all over. Even Atif Aslam rang them up to appreciate them! (How cool) 😀

Here’s one of their performances in NB season 4. This is an original song by Richie and the Leo Twins:


Nescafe Basement opened doors for them. They went to perform at a music festival in Uzbekistan. Furthermore, they received offers for collaborations from India, Spain, US and Italy. The Leo twins have since then been working on enhancing their musical career while making beautiful covers. Like this one:


They have also been performing at concerts and universities. They even performed a cover of the Games of Thrones soundtrack!


Nevertheless, their Desi-fied cover of Shape of You is what’s beyond awesome! The two blew us away with their flawless playing of the tabla, harmonium, guitar, violin and the traditional instrument, Rabab.

Check it out here:

Unfortunately, when they shared this cover on Facebook, it was removed due to reasons unknown. The artists were disappointed, and are looking into the matter.

The Leo Twins trying to promote Pakistani music so be sure to show them some love and support!

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