List Of Pakistani Actors Or We Can Say Wanna Be Singers Of Showbiz

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Actors who also tried to sing

Below is the list of actors from our showbiz who tried singing and faced criticism

Mehwish Hayat

The beauty Mehwish Hayat started from dramas and landed in the film industry. Mehwish is known for her acting but guess what? she has tried singing too. She has sung a song “Tu Hi Tu” in 2016 for coke studio season 9. Fans did not really like it though but here it is

Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane, who started as a VJ and then made her place in Pakistani drama and film industry with success. As a wife of singer Farhan Saeed, Urwa also tried singing. She sang the song “Ao Lay Kar Chaloun” back in 2016 and had to face a lot of backlashes.

Here is the song 

Ahad Raza Mir

And then we have the new heartthrob from the drama industry Ahad Raza Mir. Ahad is driving his fans crazy with his splendid acting skills and of course his looks. Ahad’s polite voice in acting has always been a treat to ears but when it comes to singing, it’s simply not his thing. He just sang his first song “Ko Ko Korina” along with Momina Mustehsan in coke studio season 11 and he faced extreme criticism.

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Listen to the song here and you decide

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar, the model, actor, painter, and a singer. Yes, the “Bulbulay” actress sang a couple of songs too. However, couldn’t make it or got famous because of her singing.

Here is the song, have fun 😀 

Agha Ali

Agha Ali is a drama actor, writer, songwriter and also a singer. And when it comes to singing he sang many songs. Including the one “Maa” and “Mein Wohi Ashiq”. But his acting is way better than his singing.

Here is one of them

What do you guys think? who was better? share with us in the comments below!

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