Lux Style Awards 2018: Javed Sheikh Reacted to a Kiss Controversy In a very Funny way

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The Lux Style Awards 2018 left some viral moments as always. This year’s special moment was from veteran actor Javed Sheikh and it broke all the records on internet. Javed sheikh kiss controversy is the new issue in town.Kiss controversy

Above is the shot of that incident from Lux Style Awards.

Keeping all the things aside, the moment was hell awkward.. It is obvious and the art of social media users, how they create something out of nothing that even celebrities respond through tweets. Mahira Khan tweeted on all this fuss,

So legendary actor Javed Sheikh responded this entire kiss controversy in a very funny way with CEO of ARY Jerjees seja. That was the cool way to deal with all the social fuss created.

kiss controversy

This is what power of social media can do, every morning you woke up with something new floating on internet. What do you think on this whole issue created?


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Paras Waswani