Lyari Town : This town of Karachi is much more talented than you have heard

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Lyari town is one of the oldest town of the Karachi city and this town has much more things to be associated with rather than Gang wars, drugs and poverty.

Lyari town

Lyari has been on the headlines negatively for more than a decade and majority recognize this town as a hub of gang wars, drugs and political violence. However, this town has a lot more than these vicious things  but due to the political instability and negligence of authorities this town has been at it’s worse. Not even Lyari but the whole City of lights was under havoc situation. 

Lyari has been the hub of talent in every field, either it be Football, Boxing, hockey and even literature. The political instability and mafias damaged the positive image of the Lyari. However, in recent years the town has gone thru a drastic change and it is proving that what people of Lyari is capable of.

Let’s have a look on the hidden talent of Lyari town..

LUG (Lyari Underground) 

If you haven’t heard of LUG yet, then you must go and listen to them. L.U.G Group (Lyari UnderGround Rappers) are Best Balochi Rappers From Lyari, Karachi. Lately, they have been the sensation of the internet after their video with Irjan Junejo. They started in 2008 and have been working very hard to produce great rap music for everyone to enjoy. In their rap songs they highlight and  talk about injustice, human rights and about our culture.

Footballers of Lyari.

Lyari is known as the Brazil of Asia, Football is more than a sport for the people of Lyari. Their bond with this game is unmatchable and unbreakable, but the authorities have ignored the talent and contribution of footballers of Lyari. 

Barefoot, grounds with no grass, not even a proper football field but no one can beat their passion for the game. The various teams from Lyari have achieved a lot even in international tournaments without even the support of PFF.

Boxers of Lyari.

After Football, the people of Lyari are also known for their talent and contribution in Boxing. One of the known name of boxing is Hussain Shah, the first ever winner of medal in Olympic boxing. However, the situation of boxing is more like a Football, no support and not even a proper recognition.

What do you think about the such condition of talented people ? and who would you consider responsible for such worst condition ?

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