“Maalik” Movie Director Plus Actor Asher Azeem Is Proudly Driving Truck In Canada

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Actor and Director of Maalik movie Asher Azeem  was recently seen driving truck in Canada.

Known for his popular 1994 drama ‘Dhuwan’ that people still cherish, Asher Azeem is living a different life altogether, and to your surprise, he is no more affiliated with the Drama and film industry to earn his bread and butter.

He was recently a director of the controversial movie Maalik, which initiated a new debate among people about imperialist culture. However the movie was also shown red signal due to its controversial content which was exposing politicians. The decision was challenged in court and after days of hearing it was released in cinemas country wide.

In a recent social media post he was seen driving a truck in Canada, which was shared multiple times and some even went on to interrogate the actual story. On which Asher Azeem tweeted,

In his further tweets he stated the reason,

A guy asked him, is he a permanent resident there?

Asher Azeem was also a Civil Services Officer back then during his posting he wrote the script of Drama serial “Dhuwan” which was the reason of his successful entry in the industry. It is so heart-wrenching to see such a talent leaving country and restoring his life in another country.

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