Mahira Khan and Iqra Aziz shared some love on Twitter in their Tweets

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Mahira Khan and Iqra Aziz shared the love on Twitter

Mahira Khan and Iqra Aziz, both are being on top these days. Mahira, because of her latest movie ‘7 din Mohabbat in’ and Iqra Aziz for her Ramadan hit drama serial ‘Suno Chanda‘.  Iqra Aziz got really famous after the series, her Drama hit millions of views and likes. Here what they shared in their tweets.

Iqra after watching Mahira’s ‘7 din Mohabbat in‘ Iqra Aziz Tweeted:

“Why so pretty? @TheMahiraKhan.

Just watched #7DMI and Ohh Myyy Goshhh #xoxo,”


Here’s the lovely tweet guys!

By the way, this is the movie poster Iqra is talking about in her tweet.

After her tweet, the girl (Mahira Khan) quote the tweet and showered some love in return, too.

“Hi Chanda 😉 congratulations on the success of the show! Work hard, sky is the limit. Love and luck always.”

She’s referring Iqra Aziz to Chanda because of her drama ‘Suno Chanda’ Here is the empowering tweet guys!


And this is the hit Drama what showered success like crazy on Iqra Aziz.


Isn’t it sweet?? the exchange of tweets? Both the actresses praising and empowering each other. Love and Complementing each other’s success.

Now that’s how you lift each other and succeed.

We wish both the actresses good luck with their future projects!

May they keep making us proud like always.




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