Mahira Khan talked about Verna her Upcoming film, on BBC world news

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Mahira Khan talked about Verna on BBC world news and boldly highlighted the issue of harassment all over the world.

Verna the upcoming movie of director Shoaib mansoor is going places just because of the unique plot, which is highlighting the issue of harassment. The director Shoaib Mansoor is very much known for his brilliant work and his previous ventures. Mansoor has always raised his voice against the social injustice and mainly focuses on delivering a social message in his every project, either you talk about BOL or Khuda Kay Liye. 

His forthcoming project Verna features the issue of harassment and sexual assault in our society. Harassment is something not many talk about just because of their family’s honor and various circumstances, which ultimately results in the favor of a culprit. 

 Mahira Khan talked about Verna and harassment on BBC !

Mahira Khan Talked about verna

She appeared on BBC and fearlessly talked about the harassment. Khan was also asked about the workplace harassment and has she ever faced such issue ? She instantly answered the question and mentioned that she has never personally experienced workplace harassment, for instance comparing to those cases rising across the border and also in Hollywood.

She was further questioned about her recent controversy which took all over social media, she replied calmly ” You don’t feel good when you are criticized and especially when you have been loved so much, but it did make me understand that i m a public personality. Where there is so much love, there will be people who will say things “

Her full interview on BBC World News…


Mahira khan also mentioned that how she prepared herself for the role and she even went on studying some rape cases in Pakistan and their aftermaths. What do you think about her interview and Khan’s upcoming movie dealing with such sensitive issue ? 


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