Mansha Pasha Clarified The Confusion on Twitter About Sexual Harassment

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Actress Mansha Pasha finally spoke about the sexual harassment issue

Every other day we are getting different remarks about sexual harassment by different people, be it celebrities or politicians. Just recently Vj Dino gave a weird statement on sexual harassment that spread rage and anger among people.

More than the offender it is the oppressed who are gunnaygar [culpable]. Why are you letting yourself be oppressed? What is the problem? Don’t stand for it.

So according to Dino, the victim is more to blame than the culprit.

And now recently, another tweet went viral about sexual harassment just a couple of days back.

And guess what? people went crazy over it and started spreading this. Eventually, Mansha Pasha had to tweet something on this issue. So finally she broke the silence on the issue and tweeted:


Yes, people confused this twitter girl Aisha Mansha to Mansha Pasha. When Mansha saw the tweet and that people are confusing Aisha Mansha to her she stepped in and clarified things.

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