Martin kobler: This German ambassador to Pakistan is spreading love with locals

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Martin Kobler is German ambassador to Pakistan, spreading love with locals.

It’s always soothing to see any Gora enthusiastically embracing our culture and traditions. This German ambassador is winning hearts from locals and people on Internet with his desi acts.

Martin’s every act and tweet is carrying a social message for Pakistanis and especially youth. He cherishes local festival with people and that’s a great way to spread love being an ambassador. The best part is, he share his message in Urdu as well as in English, that’s shows the equality.

Germany’s youth ambassador and Martin Kobler with their high spirits for youth of Pakistan!

He even tweeted on water shortage in the country and gave a positive message to the nation.

A message for all smokers from Martin Kobler

His activism shows his love for nature.

This video shows, how he is enjoying his role as an ambassador in Pakistan and interaction with locals.


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