Meera and The Morning Show Host Nadia Khan is Having a Cat Fighting Again?

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Meera and Nadia’s catfighting videos are going viral

Are Meera and Nadia having a fight again? In case, if you don’t know then this duo had a cat fight back in 2015. Where Nadia invited Meera over her Morning show on Geo Television but it turned into a big fight. Apparently, Meera arrived outside the studio of the morning show and refused to join the show in 2015. To which Meera’s manager left her and ran while saying that Meera always does that. However, after that, the show members tried to convince Meera to come on the set as it was a live show and was supposed to start on time. When the producer of the show tried to talk to her, Meera injured the producer with her nails.

Here are the clips from the show
Here’s the video of Meera attacking the producer of the show

After all this, Nadia came online and talked about it and how she thinks that Meera has some mental disorder. And now in 2019, Nadia is hosting the show “Croron Mein Khel” on Bol Tv and both the artist was seen together but fighting all over again.

Here is the video


Viewers were shocked to see the promo of the coming show and commenting their views, most of them say that it is a stunt for the rating of the show. On the other hand, some said that they both are just kidding and the fight isn’t going to happen again.

What do you guys think? Is it Okay for Nadia to insult Meera like that for the sake of rating? share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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