Meet Kirby Jenner, the “fraternal twin” of Kendall Jenner

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Self-proclaimed fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner

Kirby Jenner claims to be a “Fraternal twin” of the famous celebrity Kendall Jenner. The self-proclaimed brother of Kendall, seem to have more fun than Kendall herself on shoots. Kirby appears on Instagram on 2015.


This was his first post, with this hilarious caption. Kirby claims that Kendall always crops me out of her pictures. Otherwise, he is always there with her having her back on all sort of days good and bads. According to his Instagram bio, he is an “Amateur Model”, “Lover of all things” and a “Fraternal Twin of Kendall Jenner”. Kirby has 940k followers on his Instagram account while he is only following Kendall.

He got so famous that he has interviewed by Teen Vogue back in 2016 in which he said:

“I think my mom was pretty surprised [we were twins],” he jokingly told the mag. “I was cropped out of the ultrasound so at first, she thought Kendall was just the size of TWO babies… Like a really fat baby. I’m not allowed to bring that up [though because] Kendall gets mad at the idea of being the size of two babies.”

Here are some (not totally real and not photoshopped at all) pictures of them together.



Not just the photos but the captions are really entertaining too!


He won the award for ‘longest sleeves’

As they’re ‘fraternal twin’ they seem pretty close to each other like they’re always hanging out together.


Whether it’s partying or having the pets together They’re always siding by side.


Read the caption!

You can check his account for so much more, and we gotta admit that boy has some outstanding photoshop techniques!


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