Meet this little humorist artist Malik Qadeer and you’ll be shocked by his talent

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The Little talented Artist of our country!

While scrolling down to my facebook I found this video on facebook and all I can say is, I can hear this little guy all day long. Malik Qadeer is a little street artist from Islamabad with a hanging shoulder side bag full of stationary. And carrying a little wooden board as a table on which he draws.

Well, on 31st August this little artist happens to bump into this guy named Kamra Shehzad Tarrar outside Kamran’s office. During the meeting, Kamran made Qadeer’s video and later uploaded it on Facebook.

In that video, Kamran and his friends were surrounded by this little artist. And bombarded him with questions, and surprisingly the kid was answering them with such a great humor and confidence.

Qadeer is a street artist he roams in the streets of the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi and sketch people and for a side pose he charges 200 and for a front pose, he charges 300. Upon asking him who is his teacher he replied with innocence saying

“No one, I do it myself”

And when they ask his name he said: “forget about the name and see the work”. He looked super cute talking with so much confidence without even a little glimpse of hesitation.

To be honest, while watching the video I had no idea that Qadeer can be that good and he would draw better than what I was expecting.

Here is the video, watch and enjoy his humor!

After this video getting a little viral, Kamran posted another post regarding Qadeer because people were messaging Kamran and were asking about this little-talented boy.

And then Malik Shahab also appeared on Tv for a local Pakistani news channel.

Pakistan is full of talent, may this little guy get some source and get the chance of polishing his talent. Share his videos to find him some sort of help to learn and improve! May Allah bless him.

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