Mehwish Hayat as a singer in web her upcoming series “Enaaya”

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Mehwish Hayat in a web series

Mehwish Hayat is going to play a role of a passionate singer in a web series “Enaaya”. The series by Wajahat Rauf also finally has a name; Enaaya. The Eros Now web series will be available on the platform. The cast will include Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman along with Asad Siddiqui, Faryal Mehmood, and Rabab Hashim all as college students.

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After watching the first look of the trailer we’re given a glimpse of Enaaya (Mehwish Hayat) the girl who is absolutely passionate about music but at the same time very responsible. On the other hand, Azfar Rehman who leads a college band but lack a lead singer, which the band discovers in Enaaya (Mehwish). However, Faryal Mehmood seems jealous and not happy with the decision. Another event includes Hayat singing and a high-intensity catfight between Enaaya and Faryal. The series will be streaming on Eros Now from 21 January.


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