Lionel Messi And Team Argentina Still On The Brink Of World Cup Exit

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The final decider of the Group D will be played today, Lionel Messi and Argentina still on the brink.

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All favorite for the title by pandits and analysts, Argentina and Lionel Messi, the greatest player in history miserably failed to make an impact in World Cup. The decision still stays with them and have a great chance to turn this into a great opportunity.

A victory for Argentina over Nigeria will give them a life in World Cup and this relies on another match of the group between Iceland and Croatia. This is going to be one of the top fight for the round of 16 position, where possibly all 4 teams can qualify.

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If Argentina beat Nigeria, they will be in with a good chance of scraping through to the last 16, as Iceland are unlikely to beat an in-form Croatia, who are attempting to secure top spot in the group.

After the last night scenes from Portugal vs Iran and Morocco vs Spain, all eyes are on this group fight. So far, no predictions have gone perfect, the tournament has been full of upsets and comebacks.

The winless Argentinian might give their all to make it to the next round but on other hand African side Nigeria have out performed in their previous group clashes. While Croatian side has no pressure, they have already topped the group and neither loss nor draw will effect their position.

What do you think, will Argentina be able to cross the group stages?

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