Mikka Singh Just Shared Something On The Internet That’s Totally Hilarious

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Mikka Singh is in the house!

Mikka Singh a playback Bollywood singer, composer-performer, and a songwriter. He is famous all over the world for some of his famous songs as “Dhanno” from the movie Housefull. “Mauja Hi Mauja” from (Jab we met) and “Bas Ek King” from the movie Singh is king. His energetic voice, punjabi tone and of course that swag is what makes him unique as a singer.

Undoubtedly, he gets millions and millions of views on his videos on Youtube.

Moving on, Mikka posted something just recently that took the internet by storm. It was him in a plan. Apparently, according to Mikka, he has booked the whole First class “just for fun”.

“Today I had a great show in Dallas. I want to share with you that Michael Jackson used to say he wanted to travel alone,” Singh said in the video. “Today, I decided that I want to travel alone and I don’t want any disturbance. I don’t want to see a single person in the First Class, so I booked the entire First Class.”

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whereas, people on the internet started accusing Mikkah of showing off his wealth.


Here are some of the comments!


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