After the last Pink and White/Mint and Grey Shoe, Internet is debating on mysterious audio

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A last year huge debate, which created chaos all over internet is now back once again with mysterious audio.

mysterious audioThe last year debate over this shoe, Pink and White/Mint and Grey took internet by storm. Nothing can be irrelevant than this type of viral things on social media, but still they go places. The world was divided into two, just on this shoe’s color debate.

And back in 2015, Do you remember the debate of this image ?

mysterious dress

So the trend has started again and this time its not over any shoe or dress but mysterious audio clip. Recently an unknown audio clip has been making rounds on internet and everyone is just loosing their patience in this sense debate. This audio clip has captured the attention of the world.

This audio has reached the most number of retweets and shares on social media. However, the whole world has failed to land on the conclusion either its Yanny or Laurel? and this thing is frustrating many!

She thinks someone is manipulating…

This lady tried everything to clarify this dilemma but unfortunately she failed.

What do you think, is it Yanny or Laurel? Let us know in comments.

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