When Your Mom Visits You – And It’s Been A While Since You Last Saw Her

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All moms have a few things in common. They live for you no matter where you are, how old you get or whatever you achieve in your life. All they care about is their children’s well-being. Their happiness lies in seeing their children happy. And that’s how every mom lives by.


Yay!!! Party For Life!

If you’re in your mid/late 20’s or early 30’s, single and living away from home for work or studies, your life is probably an adventure. It feels like you are a free soul. You work, party, stay out late, have friends visiting you everyday, study, go crazy and sleep as much as you can get. Those are the days when you think that you are the king of your world. You can do anything you want, you take risks, get into trouble or go broke but that doesn’t stop you from being the craziest version of you.

It Changes After a While Though

You have so much fun that the excitement and energy levels gradually start to fall down. Then come the days when you start getting annoyed by your own routine. You have been alone for so long that people, including your friends, start getting on your nerves. You’re now entering a phase of maturity in which you see the world a little more differently everyday. You become more responsible; you go to work/school on time. You get ambitious about graduating and or succeeding in your career path. Getting here is fun but it is also tiring and the struggle makes you miss genuine happiness.
Amidst times likes these, you crave for moments of real happiness. One of those happy moments is coming home and seeing your mom around. You miss her nagging and her hugs when she is there. Moms would pretend to be angry at you if you’re not eating on time or if you are out late and not taking a full night’s sleep; you miss all that in their absence. When you visit home during the holidays you’re treated like an outsider: your mom would specially treat you way better than the stay-at-home siblings! But, you miss her being her actual self even then. If you live far away from the family and your mom is terrified of planes, it is a unique moment for you when she finally decides to visit you once or twice a year. 


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“Mom Is Finally Coming!”

Although we all feel differently, I am a firm believer that most children living away from their families feel the same way when their moms visit them. Here are a few things that, from my experience, are likely to happen if your mom is visiting you after a long time. This is how I feel today after receiving my mom at the airport: 
I hope you can relate and enjoy! 🙂

1. Home Is Where Your Mom Is

You are happy and terrified at the same time. Most of all, you are excited to finally see her and feel her presence around yourself. You clean up your apartment, and try to keep it as tidy as possible. You get rid of every unnecessary thing in your apartment and make sure your sock drawer is empty because all you had in it before was everything but your socks. Haha. You hide your ash trays, set your wardrobe in order and of course clean the toilets as well! 😛
You’re now a chauffeur too, and this is something almost everyone experiences at some point or another. You know that you’re going to be busy driving your mom around for a while. You clear your calendar, ditch your friends and oh, I almost forgot: You’re happily NOT going to that party you thought you’d be going to on Saturday night. 

2. You Boast About Having So Many Family Commitments 

Mom and her infinite family links
All your colleagues and friends keep telling you about going to this event or that, and you have been annoyed by this. Sometimes you think “Who the heck goes to their khala k shohar ki bhanji k mangetar ki beti ki birthday party?!. But your time has come! You can finally ditch your friends with a simple apology: “Sorry! My mom’s in town.” (And you can drop your mic afterwards!)

3. You Are Punctual

By the time your mom has spent a day or two with you, you get punctual and can’t wake up late. So you should definitely sleep on time. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, she’s your mom and you have to listen to her.

4. You’re Happy

If you have been feeling tired or lonely, now is your time. That empty feeling is going far away till she is around. No one is happier than you. For this reason you wear this long smile which makes you feel more confident than your usual self.
These are just a few universal feelings that everyone experiences when their moms visit after a long time. Do you live away from home? Feel free to write your comments below and let’s share some mom love! 


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