Momina Mustehsan’s brother just got married & damn the wedding was lit

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Momina Mustehsan & her Veer Di wedding!

Whether people hate Momina or dislike her or hate her even more, she’s the star of Pakistan. Just after “Afreen Afreen” she has become a sensation. She doesn’t only have fans in Pakistan but a huge fan following from our neighboring country India too.

For about a month ago, Momina posted a selfie with a famous designer @alixeeshantheaterstudio on her Instagram talking about the wedding preparations.


After that, we kept on seeing Momina’s excitement about the Shadi!


Momina also shared an adorable duo of her brother and herself with a cute caption!


[‼️T-2 weeks to the wedding! For these two weeks leading up to the wedding, you’ll hear me telling different stories about Bhai and I (brace yourself @hashimmustehsan 😏) But for starters: No brother better than my Hashim bhai(sorry chooch @haidermustehsan, you’re almost there too). As his wedding day approaches, I’d like to reiterate to all that I’ve had the honor and privilege of being his first best friend and partner in crime 🙃 *takes a bow*, yes thank you. He has been my guide, my inspiration, and my lab rat who’d happily let me feed him all the horrible food I used to make at some point in my life haha. He is also the first musician I ever collaborated with (used Haider’s stolen bay-blades and tape recorders for our rap music hahaha)

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And finally, the wedding day came!


Momina with her younger brother Haider Mushtehsan, all set for the nikah ceremony.

She also dedicated a song to the couple!


Not just them, Dulha was there singing too!


And She looks absolutely gorgeous in her Ali Xeeshan Lehanga <3

Momina Mustehsan collaborated with an Indian singer for a track

Just twirling around in my @alixeeshantheaterstudio lehenga 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️

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On the other hand, the stage was on fire because of Bride’s & groom’s dance.



They’re so adorable aye!


In the end, We wish the newlywed couple a happy married life and joys!

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