Morning shows – Educating Women OR Misleading Women?

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Days back when I came to know Karachi is on transport strike I decided to skip office and stay at home. Pondering on ways to kill time I decided to entertain myself to some television time when all of a sudden while switching channels I stopped when I saw an over dressed bride wearing quiet heavy jewellery, walking on a ramp. The host was over whelmed to see the bride and kept saying “Ap ne aesi dulhan pehle kisi channel pe nahi dekhi hoge” (You haven’t seen this type of bride on any channel before) I took a deep sigh and murmured “How do people even watch this nonsense?”I thought to myself. Then I switched to another channel and since it was morning time, there were many shows being hosted with various “typical” topics under discussion; some were like “Gora hoga Pakistan”, “Janiye ap ki taqdeer kia kehti hai?”, “Hum apko btaenge husband ko qabu karne k tariqay”. The preposterous choice of topics for discussion seemed like fail attempts to gain attention and seek ratings from a class of people who are too infiltrated or influenced by social stigmas like these. Amidst all this, the audience sitting and clapping on these shows seemed to be believing conversations of such old school thoughts and enjoying foolish wedding ceremonies of people they don’t even know. It is sad that in times when women should be educated through a powerful source like media, they are but only being influenced by wrong perceptions. Let’s have a look at some ‘NOT SO OKAY’ stuff that happens on morning shows in Pakistan:

– Band Baja Baraat Early In the Morning:


Celebrities remarrying on morning shows have become a trend since the past few years. Morning shows spend a handful of money on these events from mehendis to receptions happening on the show without realizing that they only end up leaving a bunch of audience in a fantasy to have a wedding of the same sort. It is so unneeded and cheap that it leaves a question mark on the sensitivity of the elite towards the middle/lower middle class of the country.

– Bright Karain Isey (Skin Fairness Defines Beauty)


When morning shows promote skin fairness as the only way to be more beautiful. The problem being that fair skin is an inbuilt complex in the subcontinent since the time Britian invaded India; it is much worse that it is being promoted and encouraged to gain more audience on shows in Pakistan. To play with the minds of innocent people and excite young girls into getting fair skin when we know that fairness injections, creams are so harmful for the skin and can lead to skin cancer. On the show they give beauty tips on how to get fairer skin, which reminds me of a morning show on ARY digital in which NIDA YASIR was demeaning a lady by asking her “How would your husband love you if you would not look beautiful” as if beauty is the only thing one needs to worry about in life. Society has put unsaid pressures on people to look beautiful according to some set standards. We need to realize that there is more to a woman’s life than just a fair complexion and a beautiful face.

– Dramatized Content


Morning show producers are well aware that the kind of audience they cater to lack their own perspective on issues and easy to influence. They make sure that the show is filled with melodrama to spice it up by airing fake drama.  The latest addition is the discussion of SAAS BAHU DISPUTES on public forums which is so dramatized and exaggerated yet people are deriving enjoyment out of them.

– Discover Your Fate                                                                



“Janniey apni taqdeer ka faisla is break k baad” gives audience a chance to wind up their daily work and sit in front of TV to know what their fate is saying about them, it is appalling to see some not so knowledgeable NUJOOMIS and BABAS deciding our fate on a call according to our birth date, year and zodiac sign and recommending us to visit the place where they operate.



 And it doesn’t end here..


– Obscene Topics of Discussion                                                                                       

And last of all, the tips provided on these shows to keep your husband madly in love with you are just plain pathetic and horrible to hear. Recommending hair dyes, face surgeries and expensive makeovers from Elite salons is just another way of feeding complexes in the minds of these people.



The last thing Pakistan needs is a bunch of stupid women hosting shows and talking about topics which don’t add knowledge, help grow or influence other women, infact people in general in the right ways. Pakistan is filled with such positive things to discuss and areas in which we could improve ourselves. The problem is infact not the morning show itself but HOW it is being conducted. Instead of making people dance and holding mehendis we can do shows about the youth who are playing a vital role to uplift Pakistan, children who are raising hands to clean Pakistan or any various interesting things happening around us. If we really want discussions then why not discuss how women influence their children and how social issues root up from the way a child is brought up. Is this only a race for the RATINGS only OR VIEWERS want to see this inappropriate content?

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