The Fate of the Furious – What Is It Like?

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  The eighth installment of the worldwide phenomenon franchise Fast & Furious was recently released. It is called Fate Of The Furious (F8). This was one of the most anticipated movies releases of this year. Was the hype worth it?

Big Bucks

F8 was released on 4th April, 2017. By 17th April, this movie had already broken the global box office records. Overshadowing the business done by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, F8 has reportedly made an estimated $532.5 million over the opening weekend!

Now whether or not the movie deserves that kind of business, however, is another matter.

The Story

F8 starts off with (surprise, surprise) a car chase in Cuba, where Dominic (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) have gone for their honeymoon. However, their little paradise is interrupted by a mysterious woman, who makes Dominic an offer that he just can’t refuse. Consequently, Dominic intentionally botches up a team mission, escapes with an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse, for all the non-nerds out there) and joins a band of  cyber-terrorists. The rest of the movie comprises of Dominic’s former teammates getting recruited by Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), trying to take Dominic and his new BFFs down and ruining thousands of cars in the process.

The Fast & Furious Essence

Sure enough, it has all the ingredients that audiences have come to expect from the F&F series. The beautiful locations, high-speed car chases and the general theme of family and companionship in the face of impending global catastrophe … it’s all there. In fact, there is even a submarine versus land vehicles sequence – a favorite of those members of the audience who have no issues in taking their intelligence for a ride. There are even a few minor twists and turns in the story, but that’s about it. The fights, action, cars and slick camera work are all things that have been done before.

To explain in gastronomical terms, imagine the Fast & Furious movies as your favorite steak. When you had it the first time, it hit you in all the right places. The meat, sauce, vegetables everything was perfect. So obviously, you started having that steak more frequently. But there came a time when even that perfection became monotonous. That’s what has happened in F&F 8. You come to be so familiar with the characters and the overall theme of the franchise that foretelling the story development becomes a child’s play. The movie’s predictability is its biggest weakness, especially for slightly mature fans. However, older viewers have never been F&F‘s target audience. As typical summer cinema-fillers, Fast & Furious movies have always aimed at roping in the younger, testosterone-charged lot.


7.5/10. Go watch it if you’re in the mood for some textbook summer entertainment, and to consider leaving the frontal lobe of your brain at home wouldn’t be a bad option!

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