My horrible eyebrows story; What happened to my brows just before Eid

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The worst decision of my life 

Okay so, it was just another normal day, my life was going fine. Life was good. The same old routine, work and home. But as we all know Eid is just here in a day or two and everyone is heading towards salons/spa’s/ parlor to get some trimming, and grooming.

My sister decided the same. She said to me; let’s go and get our eyebrows done.

That’s when my life changed.

As I said before; life was good and I made one horrible mistake and it has ruined. Yes, just one bad decision and you can’t even see yourself in the mirror.

Now, this happens to me everytime I see myself in a mirror. I try my best to avoid mirrors as much as I can.

Now back to the story, so yes I was there thinking what to do, whether to go for it or not as, I had left plucking my brows a long time ago (I wish I could just go back in time and change my thinking and just have said no). So, I asked my sister; the parlor wali won’t make them thin naa? my sister said: no why would she? You can keep a photo of desired eyebrows in your mobile phone and show her that; and tell her that you want these, simple.

Main saadi bandi uski baatoun main agai. 

And I was there like not a bad idea.

Well, I googled some fine thick eyebrows picture and saved it in my phone gallery. And started stepping towards my barbaadi.

Every step that I took was a mistake.

But I went into the trap anyway.

When I reached there, it was so messed up already, it was crazy. Women over women, it wasn’t even chaand Raat. So, I waited there for my destruction. Yes, I actually waited there for this.

While standing there all innocent, I had no idea that in just some minutes, my life will be changed and my Eid is going to be ruined.

After two or three ladies, my life ruiner called me and made me sit on the seat. I delightfully pull my phone out of my pocket and showed her the picture of the eyebrows that I wanted (how innocent I’m). She looked at it for a second and said okay, I wasn’t satisfied by her reaction so I decided to convince her a bit more and started saying; please keep them thick I just don’t want the extra hair but don’t make them thin.

I was still there talking and she started threading my brow, with each thread I felt terribly sacred inside. After about some minute she was done and told me to look in the mirror if the shape was fine. I was so scared to see myself in the mirror. And this how I reacted.

And the parlor wali aunty was standing there looking at me and said:

Array! this is totally fine, let me do the other one. 

And I was too numb to say anything. I was in complete shock. I was a Zinda lash sitting there because she made them way too thin that I’ve ever imagined them to be. Just imagine eid in a day and she did this to me. I actually felt like crying but what can I do now, whatever was suppose to happen has happened. I was there with these weird thin eyebrows cursing myself for the decision I made.

Leaving that horrible place I made a decision that I’m never going to be here ever again in my life.

Reached home sent a selfie to my best friend and asked her to punch me right in the face, if I ever think of doing this to myself ever again.

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