Wiki Leaks: USA & UK Can Access The NADRA Database

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Till date, many of us are living under the illusion that our data is secure with the government agencies. According to the fact that NADRA needs to upgrade its infrastructure.

This news has been a very unusual one. A new report by WikiLeaks indicates that, United States of America and the United Kingdom still have direct access to NADRA records. This enables them to access the data of Pakistani citizens stored in its system.

The report depicts that the US and M16 (British Intelligence) got their hands on the voters’ data by establishing a front company. This company is dubbed as International Identity Service, in the UK. The company is chosen as a consultant by higher officials in NADRA.

This should be a wake-up call for all of us, as a nation. The news highlights the importance of creating a strong infrastructure so that personal information of the citizens can be protected. Also, what’s even more bizarre is that it is still unclear that if there was a breach in the system. One could only go for a wild guess as to how deep they have penetrated into the system.

Nadra Exposed By Wikileaks!

Those who are not aware about NSA using these techniques to infect systems across the world through front companies and by using various tools to access their data.

Moreover, this might come as a surprise to many but the leaked cable from US Embassy in Islamabad also indicates that the then Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik actually went to the US embassy and offered to share NADRA’s database, which includes all types of data of Pakistani citizen.

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Mehdi Ali