Naeem Bokhari Reveals How Nawaz Sharif could have Defended his Case

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PTI’s lawyer Naeem Bokhari Reveals the Inside story.

Naeem Bokhari, a well known Pakistani television personality and a senior advocate. Bokhari is very much known for his humorous statements delivered in a devastating style. Naeem Bukhari, also the member of PTI and lawyer of Imran Khan. Lately in an interview to one of the news channel he exposed the basics of this hearing in court.

His statements and his style is so catchy that if your are listening him for first time, you will ask for more. Pure gentleman and a hidden intellectual of the country.

Recently in an interview to 24 news channel he exposed various aspects of Panama case. He even suggested the point of defense which could have saved Mr. Nawaz shrif from this case. He kept on mentioning that the biggest enemy of Nawaz Sharif is he himself.

Naeem, further proceeded reminding the culprit Nawaz about his past, by saying

 “Mian Sahab yeh 90’s ka dor nhi, jahan supreme court pe hamla hoga. Ab dhamkion se bhi kaam nhi chalega”

How one can forget the attack on Judiciary of Pakistan, when Nawaz was found guilty of contempt of court. Outraged goons of PML-N attacked the Supreme court of Pakistan and sabotaged the verdict given by the law against Ghanju.

Further, he went on mentioning the innocent killings of Women and children in Model town, Lahore by Sharif’s Gulu butt police back in 2014. We must respect these type of people who bluntly speak the truth against the oppressors.

You can watch his full interview below.

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Paras Waswani