India Anti-Satellite test condemned by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

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India Anti-Satellite Mission

India made a big announcement on March 27th that it has carried out an anti-satellite in low earth orbit(LOE), the mission was termed as Mission Shakti, earning India the position to be the fourth country to acquire space warfare capability after US and China.

Turned out it was India’s own satellite, they did it deliberately to prove a point that now they have acquired the ability to shoot down enemy’s satellites residing in low earth orbit.


“Mission Shakti”.

Modi’s Facade

Former Satelite Communication Engineer, N Kalyan Raman commented on the subject evidently rejecting the PM’s extraordinary claims. According to him, India won’t be able to knock out the satellites that are in the higher orbit with its missile. “Most of the countries’ satellites are in the higher orbit, and even with this they won’t be able to knock out those satellites.”

NASA Condemns Mission Shakti

At a recent TownHall gathering of NASA Employees, Administrator Jim Bridenstine was inquired what opinion he held against India’s recent developments in space, he responded by stating, “We know we have identified 400 pieces of orbital debris from that one event hence It is a terrible terrible terrible thing to do”.

In 2012, India conducted simulated tests, establishing the capability but the government at that time had not given permission for a live test, likely over concerns that a destroyed satellite would result in debris that would damage satellites of other countries.

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