Nawaz Sharif Disqualified – Internets Reaction to The Panama Saga

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 Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification and Internet’s reaction on it!!

28th of July, the history will cherish this day as the great dismissal of Nawaz sharif. The long panama saga has finally put an end. The honorable bench of Supreme court gave their final verdict on Panama case and Nawaz Sharif disqualified. Imran Khan’s long political struggle finally will be on the good track.

But the watchable thing is the Internets reaction to all this scenario. It’s like the Internet was all prepared for this decision. The celebrations began all over the country as the decision came.

Lets Have A look,

Mamnoon Hussain Memes

No matter what, internet is not going to stop mocking Noon league and their fanatics.

Nawaz Sharif disqualified


How we can forget the “Pindi Boy”, Sheikh Rasheed and his statements always go viral on internet.

Sheikf rasheed memes

This is not the win of PTI but instead the man who stood up against the injustice and corrupt system. He made Pakistan win once again.

Imran Khan

On this memorable occasion Jemima Khan, the ex wife of Khan also tweeted and celebrated the decision.

Jemima Khan
Via Twiiter

Pakistan won today and we hope this trend will continue and hunt all the corrupt leaders in the future, especially those still around.

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