Nescafe Basement season 5’s theme song is out and damn

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Nescafe Basement Season 5 is starting pretty soon and the excitement is so high

Nescafe basement season 5 had the audition in October 2018. The recruitment has done by Xulfie himself by the videos uploaded by participants along with a hashtag #nescafebasement5.

From October till now, the Nescafe fans were waiting for the season to start. And finally the wait is over and the theme song is out. The song has multiple instruments and from the composition to video everything is just lit.



This season has 73 young artists with exceptional talent. On the other hand, this is what Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan the producer of the show tweeted.


The most awaited music season is all set to release in the first week of February. What are your thoughts on this? share with us in the comment below!


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