Netflix Coming Back with Sacred Games Season 2

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Netflix Inc. finally came into the culmination to stick with the producer Anurag Kashyap and Vikram Aditya Motwani for Sacred Games season 2.

After conducting prolong independent investigation on the issues of the sexual allegation on the hit season writer Varun Grover, the company said in an email to Reuters on Tuesday.


In the email, Netflix stated that it will continue to collaborate with the same production house of season 1.

“We continue to collaborate with our production partners to ensure and maintain a safe and respectful working environment,” the company said in a statement.

Since the #Metoo movement started off in India a list of many significant names from Bollywood has come into the limelight of sexual harassment accusation and Sacred Games Writer Varun Grover was also in the list. He was accused of sexually harassing a girl in his college days in 2001.

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The allegation left the second season of the show in jeopardy as Netflix does not want to associate with anyone who has been accused of these sort of accusations.
Netflix announced to investigate the issue and hold the release of their Mumbai thriller second season instalment, after the release of its teaser.

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Grover quickly denied all the allegation against him from his Twitter handle, he tweeted;

“I completely, totally, categorically deny all the allegations being made. The screenshot in question is untrue, misleading, and defamatory to say the least. Issuing a detailed statement soon,”

After a while Grover put a detailed statement about the allegation against him, here is the tweet;

“Here’s my detailed statement about the completely fabricated, misleading, and defamatory allegations against me. Am absolutely willing to cooperate and clear my name. Let’s not allow such agenda-driven tactics to derail this movement, please.”


Sacred Games is one the most loved web series of recent times which was not only acclaimed by critics but also by the fans from all over the world. The release date has not been announced yet, however, it is expected to be announced in the coming month.

That must be a relief and a great news of the fans, Are you excited?

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