Netflix planning to capture movies market – by producing its own!

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Netflix has grown into a must have app if you are a fan of English serials.

From House of Cards to Stranger Things, Netflix is the one stop shop for TV serials.

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However, now the streaming site is looking to capture the big screen.

The streaming service is on track to release at least 86 original films in 2018. That exceeds Netflix’s previous record of 61 films last year.

This aggressive expansion is reportedly triggered by the fact that Netflix film library is now stale. The move is also affected due to movies from other studios have becoming very expensive.

The move has been paying off, as the stats suggest. The 33 movies released this year have garnered an average of more than 9 million views per movie.

Netflix has stated that the large number is a response to the wide range of tastes, they are trying to satisfy 55% of the users residing outside United States of America.

“It’s art and science,” said Ian Bricke, who oversees Netflix’s independent film licensing and production. “Our global audience is more and more diverse. We are constantly learning and trying to get smarter.

Netflix does not look to hold back on spending in pursuit of their goals.

The company has budgeted $8 billion for original TV series and films as well as content licensed from others.

The Netflix film collection features everything from low-budget family fare to independent dramas such as last year’s “Mudbound,” which earned four Oscar nominations. They are also bringing a high end mobster movie featuring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino – much to public’s delight.

The reception of this move has been mixed.

“My entire life has been spent trying to give audiences something in a large, large forum,” Steven Spielberg told Reuters. “I love the whole feeling of social interaction outside. You leave your house, you park your car, you go somewhere. Those are the kinds of audiences I like to talk to.”

Some have cast doubts on, but some like De Niro are said to be thrilled by the concept.

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