The New Careem Rishta Aunty Service Is Creepy AF!

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Careem Rishta Aunty Has Arrived!

Yes, this was the message which ruined the happy morning of many Careem users. This is more than a mini heart-attack when you receive the early morning text for your RishtaCareem has always managed to come up with a new strategy to be on the top of the market. But the new Careem Rishta Aunty service is a freaky marketing strategy which has been annoying its customers lately.

Careem's Rishta Aunty Service

What Could Be More Shocking Than This Early Morning Text?

Waking up in the morning and reading such a text is the last thing you would want to do. Careem is being the National phupho of Pakistan, prepared to hunt down ‘all dem singles’! Even the reaction of the people is chuckle-some and entertaining.

Careem's Rishta Aunty


Careem's Rishta Aunty Service

Careem is trying their best to be a caring phupho.

Careem's Rishta Aunty Service

Careem always introduces something new in market, but this is something very strange. Careem Naai, Careem Doctor and many more, but this latest concept seems to have taken a toll.


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Paras Waswani