New Challenge Eating Lemon With no Expression Goes Viral

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Eating Lemon with no Expression

There is a new challenge in the market, people are trying to eat lemon with no expression. Most of the people are trying this challenge at home and are failing because lemon have 5% to 6% citric acid pH of around 2.2, normally human can not control their expressions while taking or tasting citric acid.

But why people are accepting this challenge? It seems like a simple task, anyone can do this but the person who can control their expression while eating lemon they are considered as legends on social media.

Most of the videos and clips are going viral on Facebook and different social media websites. People are uploading videos of eating lemons along with their family and friends and  are trying not to make any expressions.

The challenge is also going viral on tiktok, many peoples are making and uploading their videos on tiktok.


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