Anaconda Girl Nicki Minaj Secretly Kept Funding An Indian Village And Now It Is Developed

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A Different Side Of Nicki Minaj!

The famous American hip-hop artist, songwriter and model, Nicki Minaj, has always been on the top of the news. From her controversial outfits to what she raps about and what she does in her music videos, it’s like the news always finds a way around her.

Miss Minaj (Onika Tanya Maraj) has her presence everywhere in the media. Almost every week she is featured somewhere with the likes of David Guetta and Lil Wayne. Recently, she was featured with Katy Perry in her new song. “Swish Swish”.

Pop Icon Nicki Minaj Has Surprised The World!

However, this time the hype is for a different reason. The Anaconda girl recently surprised the world by putting up a sweet post on her Instagram. She has been secretly funding an Indian village (specifics are not disclosed) in the last few years which led to a full transformation of it! It’s because of her that the village now has modern computer labs, tailoring training centers, a reading program and water wells. Consequently, the post went quite viral and many well-known personas tweeted about it.

She further mentioned that, she would be dropping more information regarding her charity work. Recently Nicki Minaj also helped students on Twitter to pay their fees.

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Source: Twitter

It is good to see celebrities contributing back to the society by improving and inspiring the lives of people. Many of us are judgmental and feel negatively about individuals belonging to these professions. However, here’s a lesson to be learnt: this example shows that humanity prevails in the hearts of everybody, including such celebrities. Kudos to Nicki for her charity work!


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