No worries for Nikah Proof as a Couple now

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No worries for Couples

While going out for a date in Karachi or just a time together. Couples always worry about showing their marriage proof. If it’s their first outing after marriage or after a decade. Police never fail to harass and embarrass the couple.

If it is ‘Sahil e samander’ in Karachi. Or just driving on the road. Police stop and ask for a proof. However, this investigation doesn’t lead to any conclusion. Instead, people who are not married anyhow find their way.

Due to a lot of complaints against cops. The directives from Karachi Police chief Dr. Amir Sheikh issued an order. He orders to take action against such policemen.

This matter rises after the multiple complaints from Karachi. The police mobile and on a motorcycle stops the couple and ask for a marriage certificate. They humiliate the people and harass them to an extreme level. They don’t even care about the women.

The letter issued include that such complaints should not arise again. Otherwise, strict action will be taken against that police cops.

So this news is a shout out to all those ‘Manchalay Naujawaan’ no need to worry about any proof.

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