Osteoarthritis: What Precautions To Take For Hiking?

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Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that results from premature deterioration of articular cartilage. At an advanced stage, this degenerative disease can impact certain movements, especially when large joint structures such as the hip or knee are affected. If physical activity is recommended, it is subject to a few precautions.

The benefits of hiking in case of osteoarthritis of the knee

Physical activity: essential in case of osteoarthritis?

It is not because one suffers from osteoarthritis that one must stop moving! On the contrary, all specialists in this joint pathology strongly recommend that their patients pursue regular physical activity.

To understand the essential nature of a sport and to know how to take care of osteoarthritis, one must know the mechanisms of this disease. Indeed, it is a degenerative condition that affects the cartilage of certain joints. These specific structures have, among other things, to ensure the mobility of the joints of our body. To maintain flexibility, we must continue to mobilize the injured joint.

Moreover, physical activity is an essential therapeutic axis in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis of the foot or all other forms of osteoarthritis.

Stretches that you can do while sitting on your office desk to release tension

Does the hike help fight osteoarthritis?

Be careful, you will not practice the same physical activity if you suffer from lumbar, osteoarthritis or arthrosis of the wrist. Similarly, the recommended exercises for knee osteoarthritis are different from those for cervical spondylosis.

The choice of the physical practice is of particular importance because the latter must take into account many parameters: the general state of the patient, stage of evolution of the disease, articular structure affected … In this, the hike constitutes one of the activities most often recommended by the medical profession. In addition to taking the patient out of his home, walking is a fairly gentle practice that mobilizes muscles and joints without harassing them.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to adapt your effort according to your abilities and to obtain the opinion of your doctor. The symptoms of hip osteoarthritis are, for example, not identical to those of knee osteoarthritis, each patient must undergo individualized physical training.

Get well equipped before going on a hike

Once your doctor has given you permission to go hiking, you will need to select the right equipment. Indeed, even if walking is recommended in case of osteoarthritis, care must be taken to accompany his body so as not to rush it.

At first, get yourself a good pair of walking shoes. These must offer good support at the ankle. It is also essential that the sole provides good cushioning, to absorb repeated shocks on the ground and to preserve the joints.

Hiking poles can also be of great help. Again, the goal is to reduce the burden on the joints and reduce impacts. They also make it less tiring and offer better stability.

A lightweight hiking backpack it’s also essential. I prefer for long trips the 65l backpack or for 1-2 days hiking trip 35l backpack. There are plenty of models and types of quality hiking backpacks and for great prices. The hiking gear is important so consider choosing it wisely.

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