Pakistan Election 2018: Guide for how to vote on 25th of July 2018

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General Election 2018 in Pakistan are just days away and ECP is trying its best to guide voters in proper way.

ECP in upcoming Election 2018 is organizing every possible platform educate voters. ECP has recently collaborated with social media giant Facebook in order to help millions of active users from Pakistan to find their polling stations and constituencies.

Election 2018

Every registered voter can check his/her particulars by visiting their respective District Election Commissioner’s office, where the final electoral roll is available. The addresses or contact information of the DEC’s offices across the four provinces can be found on the Election Commissions website.

Below is the step by step guideline for 25th of July Election 2018

Step 1: When you reach at your designated polling booth or station, between 8:00am and 6:00pm, a polling officer will check your national identity card. Please make sure you take your original NIC not a copy. Once, the officer identifies your NIC number and name, as listed in his/her electoral roll, your name will be crossed out and your thumb will be marked with indelible ink.

Step 2: The officer will take your thumb impression on a counterfoil of the ballot paper. Thereafter, the assistant presiding officer will stamp the paper for the national (green) and provincial assembly (white) constituencies and sign it.

Step 3: Once you are cleared to go into the polling booth/station, that is when you will cast your vote. Please make sure you mark clearly and firmly on the symbol of the candidate you support.

Step 4: Drop the green colored ballot paper in the box with a green lid and white paper in the box with a white lid. That’s it! You are done exercising your right to vote.

Do not waste your chance to vote for your right and do not let this vote go in vain. Being a citizen it is our responsibility to vote and contribute towards our nation. For any fraud and threat observed by voter can be reported to the complaint centers established by Election Commission Of  Pakistan.

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