Pakistan Government Official Channel Banned After Copyright Violation Claim By Irfan Junejo

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Pakistan Government Official Channel banned after copyright violation claim by vlogger Irfan Junejo.

The official channel of Pakistan government was banned by YouTube on the charges of copyright infringement  claim by local YouTuber  Irfan Junejo, he said his footage was used without permission. (Reported by Tribune)

Irfan Junejo is one of the most known Pakistani YouTuber and his travelogues are the viral worldwide. The shot which was came in to talk was from Junejo’s Youtube video of Naran.

Talking to the TRIBUNE, Junejo said he was never asked by the Pakistan government officials, whether his shots can be used or not, which led him to register a complaint of copyright infringement.

Junejo further stated that, government of Pakistan ‘stealing’ them and then trying to say ‘I should be proud of it’, is what hurt me the most” Tribune

Although Junejo said, “just giving video credits does not mean you have permission to use the clips,” if permission should had been asked before, i myself would have made a better video for them.


People on twitter supported his stance and showed a lot of love to him,


Some even went on giving suggestions to him,


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