Pakistan is Offered 3 Million Jobs by Germany

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Germany is offering 3 million jobs to Pakistanis

The foreign ministry of Germany has written a letter regarding the skilled labors to work in the country. Pakistan received a letter from Germany asking to develop a plan to provide to skilled labors to the country.

As per sources, a German news agency has reported an online news website that the German Foreign Ministry has written a letter to Pakistan Foreign Office for the provision of labors to Germany.

They also specified the field of workers they required in the letter.

Germany is offering employment for differents fields including IT, Engineering and others. 

As per KNA reports, it is claimed that the letter was sent on 26 of October this year. It was said that only those would be allowed to enter German territory after their proper legal work.

It is also to be told that the highest economic country of Europe, Germany is facing shortage of young labors. This has threatens the managers and capitalists of the country and has become a main concern for them.

To tackle this problem Germany has decided to ease down their law for the people coming from outside the Europe to work in Germany. In future they will further ease their laws, and facilitate the workers, especially outsiders, with good benefits. As the country is facing obstacle in finding labors. 

We have to see how this thing would help Pakistanis, because it was needed in Pakistan because of the less resources of employment in the country. But, we have to wait till the confirmation from both the sides.

Please let us know what are your views on this initiative from Germany?

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