Pakistan is releasing captured Indian pilot Abhinandan as a gesture of peace

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Gesture of Peace

After the Pulwama attack, India accused Pakistan and as an act of revenge, India crossed the Line of control. To which Pakistan replied in defence on Wednesday with a strike shooting down two of Indian jets and arresting one of their pilots Abhinandan.

Pakistan army kept the pilot with dignity and here is the video


“I’d like to put this on record; I will not change my statement even when I go back to my country. The officers of the Pakistan Army have looked after me very well,” Abhinandan acknowledged in the video.

“Starting from the captain who rescued me from the mob, from the soldiers, and thereafter the officers of the unit where I was taken to. I would expect my army to behave in the same way. And I’m very impressed with the Pakistan Army.”

And he loved Pakistan’s tea.

However, after all this, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announce to release Abhinandan as peace of gesture.

During his speech, he also said that there was a threat of a missile being launched at Pakistan last night (Wednesday night) but that threat was averted. Don’t force us to respond, he told Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We are both nuclear-armed countries who cannot afford any miscalculations that can lead us to war. He thanked the opposition for their support and said in the face of an external threat, our nation is standing united.


Abhinanadan will return through Wagha border today.

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Pakistan Hits Back India, Two Indian Jets Crashed Pilots Killed

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