Jab Pick Nahi Karna Tha Toh Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team Ko Bheja Kyun?!

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On Monday, Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team returned home after the worst performance in the World Cup. The team lost all their 7 matches in the tournament and tried their best to overcome opponents but failed.  

However, the disturbing part is that no officials were there to receive the team at the airport. Furthermore, the women cricket team was not even given the transport facility. The lady cricketers had to rely on their own personal transport. One of them was even seen riding with her father on a motorbike. 

Pakistan Women's Cricket Team

Are we doing justice to our Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team?

This question must be answered by PCB. Pakistan is a country where it is still rare that women pursue a career in sports. To top it all, those who try to manage to take a bold step for their careers are not given proper support.

Women are no less than men in any sports and the Pakistan women have proven this globally. A lot of hidden and unappreciated struggle is done by all these young ladies trying their best to make their nation proud. Even making their way to the international team of Pakistan is a mega achievement. They take pains to get trained and go onto to international platforms to represent our country. Yes, their performance was not up to the mark. But that doesn’t mean that we should disown them and totally disassociate ourselves from them. We should never disrespect our players like this. Winning and losing is part of the game. Every failure teaches us something is an opportunity to become better. Therefore, we should still be proud of them. The Cricket Board must have shown some support for the team but the scenes of their arrival were very heartbreaking.

I want to raise some questions to all the ‘Facebook intellectuals’ who are immensely criticizing the team.

Will you allow your sisters to go and play for your country?

90% will simply turn their faces away and will tackle question with societal reasons. Cricket is not the only sport in Pakistan where women are given less privilege in our society. 

Hundreds of dreams are shattered in our country just because of less acknowledgment and support. On the other hand, Pakistan has produced a number of talented women who have contributed to the world. Sadly, many in the country have also labeled them as rebels. Although the trends are changing with time, a major chunk of our population still seems to live with that mentality. 

I might be also labeled as a feminist.

It is a common thought here nowadays that a man speaking for the women rights is portrayed as a feminist. People have given different meanings to feminism and for this, I think we can safely blame that minority of females who misuse their rights and this concept. 

The treatment of Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team is tragic and it should not have been this way. Through this gesture, PCB has proven their concerns and priorities. We hope that the board will rectify their attitude and acknowledge and support our women cricketers as well.



Pakistan  Cricket
A rare picture of girls playing cricket on the streets


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