Pakistani Films Fails to Revive Box Office

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This year was supposedly considered as the rising year for the film Industry of Pakistan as many new movies were expected to release this year starring great actors and directors, but so far the movies that were being released in 2019 have failed to revive the box office.

Though the trailer of Movie Laal Kabooter seemed very exciting, it was only able to collect ₨2.41 crore (US$230,000) at box office.

After years of anticipation Project Ghazi has been finally released in 2019 but unfortunately it was unable to collect more than ₨1.10 crore (US$100,000).

Sherdil has done the most business among all the releases as it has approximately grossed ₨9.50 crore (US$900,000) over the first two weeks of its release. However its still not good enough for Pakistan especially when Bollywood movies are banned in Pakistan.

Following the ban on Bollywood films, stake holders are now compelled to rely on upcoming Hollywood films such as Hellboy, Shazam, Pet Semetary and particularly Avengers: Endgame.

Pakistan Cinema Industry also has to suffer great loss when Captain Marvel`s release was delayed which is the sixth-biggest worldwide film opening since 2002 ($456,718,598).

Now, all we can hope is that the Pakistani movies that are going to release later this year, such as “The Legend of Maula Jatt”, “Chhalawa”, “Wrong Number 2” will be beneficial for the economic growth of Pakistan and can revive Pakistan`s Film Industry.

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