A Pakistani girl claims to be a daughter Donald Trump & we are actually confuse

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It’s a crazy world…

This world is getting so crazy and kind of funny day by day because of social media. We see unexpected and the weirdest videos going viral. We watch them and sometimes question ourselves that what exactly is this. Some videos make us question and some leave us speechless. Just like that, this video of a girl named Ammara is surfacing on the internet and making rounds.

Apparently, Ammara from Lahore is protesting in front of Supreme Court Lahore Registry. And she claims that she is the daughter of the American president Donald Trump and should be sent back.

However, Ammara claimed that she was kidnapped from the USA and was brought here in Pakistan. And that she has been searching for her parents in the whole world by walking on her “foot” spending times in Jungles. Ammara also shared that she has been converted to Islam. Talking to the reporter, Ammara complained that people are mistreating her because they think I’m not Muslim but I’m a Muslim.

Ironically, Ammara added that she is not kidding and she is actually serious.

“I miss my father Trump and he also misses me a lot,” said Ammara.

Here are the reactions of people from twitter


Hello sister Ivanka



However, most of them were concerned



Watch the video here


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