Pakistani Men’s Fashion That Will Give You A Lifetime Cringe

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Fashion is a style and custom prevalent at a given time. In other words, it is an idea of beauty currently accepted by a given segment of the population. However, fashion is an art. To be more precise, it is an artistic science and a scientific art. It helps you in learning about and adjusting the color combinations, styles, patterns and textures for the perfect final effect.

On the other hand, some people go too far in the hope of being ‘fashionable’ or ‘stylish’. For instance, you must see what some designers are creating in the name of Pakistani Men’s Fashion. In fact, Pakistani Men’s Fashion has reached a point where one could just sit back and laugh his ass off as you get to see plenty hilarious outfits.

No, we are not exaggerating.

Nobody actually has the right to pass an offensive comment on anyone’s fashion choices. It is true that fashion trends vary according to the mindset, likes and dislikes of the people of that particular place or community.

Nevertheless, people should admit that trends such as tattooing eyes, wearing attires resembling features of their opposite gender, getting strange piercings  are generally considered as unacceptable. Or undoubtedly, ODD! Fashion designers and artists try to bring something unique and different all the time. Some common people even like to follow these trends. But sometimes the craze of those designs is not that much effective, rather people find them funny and strange.


Times When Pakistani Men Fashion Totally Lost It

We have come across a shocking display of Pakistani Men’s Fashion and we lay down our best picks. Here is a list of some of the top weirdest and the most cringe-worthy Pakistani Men’s Fashion displays.


Pakistani Men's Fashion, Daily Punch Fashion
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So, it seems that this guy spent all he had on waxing and at the end decided to go topless! Albeit, he did wear a dupatta. Not to mention the ropes hanging from it, which could definitely come in handy! Who says fashion isn’t practical?! Pffft.


Pakistani Men's Fashion, Daily Punch Fashion
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So, this guy is totally competing with the previous one! ‘If you can go topless, look what I can do: I can go bottom-less!’ (Not to mention, he is also going into a bottom-less pit in the afterlife, according to the religious lot!) LOL. WTF is that, BTW? A fish net?


Pakistani Men's Fashion, Daily Punch Fashion
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This dude should be hanging in a sauna bath somewhere in a five star hotel with that hour glass that he is wearing around his neck. He would at least make a nice decoration piece…or statue.


It looks like Eid arrived and his dress wasn’t ready so Ami forced him to share his sister’s dress. ‘Sharing is caring,’ she said. ‘Nobody will notice,’ she said…LOL.

This guy, however, should stop fidgeting with his sister’s wardrobe. By the way, something tells me that he did this for money only. I mean look at his face! Poor soul.


Source : Google
Source : Google

You know how when Desi kids sometimes ask stuff like, ‘Party main kia pehen kay jao gay?’ And somebody tries to be lame by saying ‘Pattay! (Leaves)’

Well, we think this designer took this joke a bit too seriously! Dil pe le lia us ne tou!

At least the getup reminds me of Flintstone, the famous cartoon.


And take a look at this Dostana couple!

This looks like the unfortunate time when a group of sisters give their dresses to the same tailor for stitching. There are so many different measurements and styles to remember that the tailor messes up everything. In the end, there are dresses that don’t fit any of the sisters because they have the neck size of one sister, the waist size of another and many other similar issues.

But Eid/family wedding time has arrived and there is no other choice so Ami forces the girls to wear the new dresses, however improper they might be. The facial expressions of the models fit in perfectly with this scenario. This picture, though, shows a a time when such a sibling-tailor mess transcended gender boundaries as well!


And presenting for the very first time, “Dulhan and Dulhan!” Who says Pakistanis are a conservative and intolerant? Well, we most certainly are not because we allow such things to happen, don’t we?

Your reaction when you look at this picture:

Oooh, let’s drool over Ayaan Ali, see what she is wearing blah blah…But wait! Who is that or rather what creature is there beside her?! Is it the bridesmaid? The Dulhan’s pretty sister? A distant cousin or her Nand?

Nopes, that is supposed to be the Dulha. FACEPALM. (I DON’T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE!)


This ain’t actually looking that bad. It could be a great outfit to wear to the inauguration ceremony of your new castle, or the celebrations which will be held after your father’s army wins a battle. It could even come in handy when your sister, the Shehzadi of Hindustan gets married and you, as her royal brother, need to be dressed accordingly.  The designer’s efforts to re-ignite the Mughal customs and traditions should be applauded. The only issue is that the trends are just about a few thousands of years old. No big deal. Really.



This happens when the Dulhan chooses all the feminine colors for her dress and forces Hubby darling to color coordinate on their Mehendi. And when the Pakistani Men Fashion designer refuses to make a matching dupatta, the poor guys ends up borrowing one from her mother’s bridal collection. Sigh…this attire is a total eye-sore.  I mean, Mr/Ms Designer what were you thinking, man? Chal kia raha tha aap kay dimagh main? Well, at least the Dulha must have hopefully made the Dulhan happy…or embarrassed for life!


Okay, so this one has some over-the-head issues. This guy must have wanted to wear a turban, a crown and the Mad Hatter Hat all at the same time. So the designer combined all of them into a single adornment, which we may call Hat-Ban or Tur-Hat or…oh, let’s just forget it. It looks like a large ice cream that has melted away in the scorching Karachi heat. And a Snapchat filter which enables your face to appear in the middle of that ice-cream. Apart from being a torture to look at, it also appears to be a punishment to wear! The jewelry and the feather in the cap only add to the ugliness LOL.

11. daily-punch-blog-male-fashion-1

Yeah yeah, we have all heard that black and gold is a winning combination. But who said that creating this outfit is a good idea? We understand the need to create something unique that stands out, fine. This dress however, might just as well encourage people around you to make you stand up and leave the room! LOL.

12. daily-punch-blog-male-fashion-3

Coin head jewelry hiding your eyes and half of your face covered by face paint? BRB, going to puke!


daily-punch-blog-male-fashion-4Alright, this one is a classic epitome of misfit fashion. It looks like the guy is wearing his mom’s most fancy Sari, that too, without the blouse! The gota and the shiny embroidery are a bit tooo much, don’t you think? MY EYES ARE CRYING!

14. daily-punch-blog-male-fashion-5

OMG. One-piece outfit, and that too Ajrak shararas with antique jewelry? MAJOR CRINGE MATERIAL. ASTAGFIRULLAH, BRO!

Additionally, it looks like the make up artist was not paid well enough because that person actually made the boys look like they have been into a fight which left them with black eyes, messy hair and rotten facial expressions!


Last but not the least, our most fashionable and Jinnah-loving Shahrukh Replica. His name says it all: Sahir I-Loathe-Thee! From the trendy sunglasses to the perfect make up look, from his cool hairstyle to his cute shirt, this guy is a total eye-candy. The perfect look to copy if you want to get nowhere in life!

We hope that you manage you to survive to the bottom of this list. Do you know of other Pakistani Men’s Fashion disasters? Let us know in the comments below!

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