A Pakistani soldier replied to the viral video message of an Indian soldier & it’s lit

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The Indian soldier “Mummy Ki Kasam” got a reply from a Pakistani soldier and it is legit


Pulwama attack on Indian soldiers caused a chaos situation between the Indo-Pak relationship. Since then to now, so much is happening on the Internet. Trolls, memes, and what not. The export of Tamatar is ban. Pakistani artist ban in India and multiple websites hacked by both countries.

Between all this, an Indian soldier who is also known as  “Mummy Ki Kasam” video messaged surfaced over the internet. In which he tried to threat Pakistan army and kept asking Narendra Modi’s permission for entering Pakistan.

Still can’t recall who he was? Here’s the video


To which a Pakistani soldier replied and it’s hilarious
Here we have the reply now!

The Jawan have a message for both Modi Sarkar and for the Indian soldier.



What a brave and on point reply by our Jawaan.

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