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Life’s a journey not a destination” a single line from “Aerosmith’s” song “Amazing” kept playing in my mind when I stumbled upon a travel blog on “Huffington Post” one day and although the full song can just give you a wholesome buzz of gratitude for life, this specific line is just too deep and full of wisdom. You can interpret the word destination from this song in so many ways, could it be the normal get a degree, settle down, get married, retire and it could be derived from our personal, cultural and social biases based on our collective experiences. Could this destination be ideologically political? or could it be a place in your mind you have decided to be at in your life?

You can interpret this word the way you like it and I did have an interpretation of my own too. I at one point thought it is just telling me to not settle down on whatever comes easy to me and since then every time I think I have achieved something big enough to settle down on it tells me to go ahead and explore and finally discover more. So when I stumbled upon that blog, I thought how many people we have in Pakistan who are on a journey but they are not settling down on a destination? And I thought how about the ones who are literally traveling around the world and seeking more and more not thinking they are done with what they have achieved what they wanted to and not just that, they actually want to tell others about their experiences so that when other people are on the same path, they can use that information and explore things and places more conveniently. And that’s just amazingly inspiring. I just love this gesture of kindness, these people take out time from their personal lives, they make vlogs, they take photos, they take the time to write down their thoughts and experiences, they go live on social media platforms to spread across the electrifying chills of happiness they get from the mesmerizing beauty of new places they go to and people they meet. They are spreading happiness! They are taking you to places along with them! They are amazing! So while I can talk a lot more about how I feel about these small gestures and the happiness you get from traveling around the world, exploring new places, meeting new people I will just take you right to it. I would like to introduce you to these Pakistani bloggers who are sharing their experiences with you and inspiring you to tie your laces pick up your bags and embark on a journey that life really is!
(I compiled a few questions to ask them number one was about introducing themselves. Second was what traveling is to them and the third and final question was about how their life changed by traveling so I will just write them down in their own words. The order of list does not denote any ranking it is just the order in which I got back the responses from them). 🙂

Hira Amjad Ali  – The Departure Lounge

“My name is Hira Amjad. I’m an HR Professional by career and wanderlust by heart.”


“Traveling for me is an escape. I have come to a point where I crave to travel and to my luck, I got married to someone as adventurous and travel freak as I am. It is such a liberating feeling to get to a new city, meet local people, eat their food, explore the streets, visit landmarks. I always leave a piece of my heart to any city I go to which leaves me craving to go back.”


“I first traveled in the summers of 2013 when I landed an internship opportunity in Mauritius through AIESEC. I was nervous and excited at the same time. The anticipation of traveling alone abroad for 45 days for the first time was unreal. And that mostly developed by love for traveling.”

Hira’s blogs name is “The Departure Lounge” and you can find her more blogs by clicking this link

Tasmiyah Iqbal – The Exotic Travel Diary

Hi, I am Tasmiyah from Karachi and I am a Software Engineer by profession. I live a small, happy life with my husband and together we work hard to party harder.”

“Travelling, to me, is about exploring a world completely alien to you and rediscovering parts of your own nature through new experiences. For example, I always wished for having a home on top of a mountain, until I had to go up and down a mountain only to discover that doing this daily would give me severe motion sickness and also the lack of oxygen on high altitudes would make me sick. Since then, I am a beach lover 😛 Travelling also means that you would have to spend insane amount of time doing nothing but waiting (for flights, for food, for something or the other), and that’s a good way to develop patience, test your relationship with your partner and have lots of time to sort your thoughts!”
“I have travelled quite enough, first with my parents, and now with my husband, and with each trip, I get more awareness of the world around me. When you live in one place for a really long time, you get sort of scooped up into your own bubble, and that limits your personal growth. Going places, having new experiences, meeting people – all of that makes you grow in areas where education or degrees cannot help you. Just by watching how people from different parts of the world behave, gives you a good insight into different societies. And then you can take a thing or two from those experiences and apply that to yourself. For example, 90% of desi mothers have a “don’t do this” approach towards their children. Don’t talk like this, don’t sit like this, don’t touch this, don’t touch that. Whereas, I have observed most foreigners to let their children discover things and learn their lesson on their own. As a result, the kids grow up with a can-do attitude. There are of course pros and cons with both approaches but that’s a debate for another day.”

“If I have to talk about myself, then I think travelling has changed the way I look at people. I don’t judge people for their life choices anymore, if anyone wants to live their life a certain way, I don’t think I should have any problem with that. But having an open mind towards others doesn’t mean that I think the same for myself. It’s important for myself to stick to the moral values I have been brought up with. That’s what makes us unique from others after all.

Travelling has also made me less inclined for having “things” and more inclined towards having “experiences”. I have become more critical of what I want to spend my money on. If a person can survive on one third of their entire wardrobe for a week of travel, then he can definitely survive on the same for a year as well. It’s all about prioritising stuff, keeping what’s essential and discarding whatever is non-essential. And trust me, this helps so much in the long run.”
Tasmiyah blogs at The Exotic Travel Diary and you can visit her blog here:

Nabia Kausar Fahad – A Closer Look

(Nabia runs this blog along with her sisters)
This blog is about us four sisters (an architect & avid traveller’s wife, an auditor & mom, a fashion designer & make/up artist, a consumer pshycology student & social media queen) who are currently based in different continents, so the idea for this blog came up when we felt it was the best way to keep all us connected & contribute something to our readers who are separated from their families as well. The blog features our hobbies, explorations and above all our love for the little things in life.

Travelling I feel is the best way to explore yourself, for me it is a medium of self-discovery. And in that lies the key to understanding others & becoming more accepting towards human kind. I would not have been as open-minded as I am today had I not experienced all the different cultures and personalities I met during my travels. Those experiences and moments stay with you forever in some form or another. I love collecting little trinkets, souvenirs, train tickets & photographs taken by my husband from all those travels, that inhabit the walls & corners of my home and in some form create a sanctuary for us.”

“As i mentioned above, travelling has more so than anything else opened up my heart to all the different cultures, people & ways of life. At some point in our busy lives we all need to step out of our comfort zones and explore what the world has to offer. It has also created a sphere of self-confidence, and self-knowledge that can only be discovered by stepping out of your comfort zone.”

You can visit her blog at

Amber Zulfiqar – Free Bird Traveler

“Im an ex-advertising professional, currently working freelance as a Digital PR consultant and Influence Marketeer. I passionately blog / vlog about food and travel for myself and as well for various brands professionally.”

“Traveling to me is: Reaching out while Reaching Within.” This struck me as deep, so I asked her if she can elaborate a little further, she said “okay … so travelling enables one to explore and go beyond the boundaries we usually create around ourselves …. and while we reach out physically… it helps to get to know oneself better, gives you time to introspect and look within, meet a new you that you didnt know existed … hence REACHING OUT WHILE REACHING WITHIN”

“I have gained an unusual sense of calmness in me and the sense of enjoying uncertainty, where people usually get irritated with it. Besides that, I have always been resilient and acceptable to a variety of people, but that acceptance has also increased over time. What I love most during travels are the various types of people and ethnicities one gets to experience. It really broadens one’s perspective on life.”

Javeria Gul – Javeria, The Spirited Wanderer

“I am Javeria from Karachi. I started Instagram account to show the world that a Pakistani woman can travel the world if she wishes to. I am aiming to break taboos for Pakistani women travelers and to raise awareness of right to mobility and freedom to movement and focuses on adventure-filled lives for women with the focus on sustainability. Now, I am working on my episodes on my journey to K2 Basecamp and soon, be releasing.”
“Traveling is a passion for me. People want to be a doctor, an engineer or accountant. I chose to be a traveler, an informed one. Once I read a quote “An informed traveler is a responsible traveler”. I am aiming to choose something different.”
“My life changing experience when I travelled to U.S. and stayed there for 10 months on an exchange program. I traveled to many cities and states of U.S. and came back with the vision to promote Pakistan as a safe place to travel.”

Junaid Qureshi – JQ The Globe Trotter

“Just another ordinary guy hailing from Pakistan with some extra-ordinary travelling experiences striving to leave his Eco-friendly footprints all around the globe. I’m a 9-5 Business Application Consultant by profession which normally funds all my travels. I’ve been scarred with wanderlust and I never thought the travel bug bite would leave wounds this deep. There isn’t a cure, and even if there was one, why would I want to be cured? My passion includes writing travel blogs, capturing moments in my lens and sharing them with the world.”

“Honestly a soul stirrer and source of energy. Away from this whole hustle and bustle of routine life, travel is the only thing that has kept me going. I still feel that getting out of the comfort zone and booking a flight to some new country, breathing in a strange fresh air, meeting new people and socializing this way for the very first time was the best decision I ever made.”
“The first travel literally made me entered in a new horizon and perspective. I felt rejuvenated and soon realized that I have unlocked myself a genuine door to happiness. I saw things in an awe-inspiring way and found more reasons to thank GOD for everything HE blessed us with. I believe that there is a reason for everything that exist and universe is constantly calling us every passing moment to experience and feel this magic. You just have to let the door open and the rest will be done automatically by the nature.”

Thanks to these amazing people we can virtually go places and they have some great blog sites and travel experiences that you can learn from. 
How did you like the blog? Let me know in the comments and if you would like to read more of such blogs, just hit like. 😉

“Life’s a journey, not a destination”.  🙂

P.S. All the pictures are credited to the bloggers and not to or me.


Ateeq runs an IT company and is interested in sports, music, arts, movies, travelling.

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