Pakistani Women Faces Online Harassment Mostly on Facebook and Whatsapp

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Women in Pakistan faces harassment on Social Media, mostly on Facebook and Whatsapp

When it comes to the misuse of internet and online harassment, Pakistan is one of those countries affected by it. Moreover, most of the online harassment occurs through Facebook and Whatsapp.

The report of Digital Rights Foundation released on Wednesday, the report contains the record of online harassment from the last two years. Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) claims that the complaints registered by women were mostly in reference to Facebook and Whatsapp.

                                         A L S O R E A D
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2,781 calls were received to the DRF’s helpline number from December 2016 to November 2018. 57% of calls came from Punjab Province, while 18%, 5% and 2% came from Sindh, KPK and Balochistan respectively.

Out of 2,781 complaints, 660(29%) complaints were regarding Facebook. Complaints relating to Whatsapp have also risen up from 2.6 percent to 9.5 percent in just six months.

Most number of complaints on Whatsapp is about the fake messages regarding Game Show passes and prizes, Benazir Income Support and telecommunication companies. Users of these social sites and applications are all fed up with scammers’ these fake calls and messages.

In some part of the country there are also cases pertaining blackmailing on spreading personal data and photographs on Whatsapp and Facebook.

The founder of DRF, Nighat Dad said, “Our callers have reached out to us from far-flung areas of the country which goes to show that the negative use of online tools has impacted lives equally. Our aim for the coming year is to increase our capacity. And reach out to a wider audience so that the internet can be a safe space for all.”

The report of DRF also recommended that the investigation officers regarding these cases should get sensitivity training in internet governance. And 33 percent of the staff should be women.

What are your views on these social media harassment. And what should be it’s remedy? Comment Below!

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