Pakistani Young Footballer Shams Taj Invited For English Club Trials

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Pakistani young football talent is incomparable, Shams Taj young footballer from the sandy grounds of Karachi is invited by English league club South Shields for trials. An 18 year old with his talent have a chance to play for South Shields club, the management of the team was pretty much impressed by this young talent and invited him for the 12-days trial.

Shams has been playing football for the last ten years, he has developed himself in the local club Karachi United and now he wants to live his dream of playing the game at the international level.

 Lack of opportunities for the young football talent in Pakistan has shaken the dreams of many football freaks. Our majority idolize cricket as their genetic game and surrounded by such mind set. boys like Shams face a lot of huddles, He wants to break such idle talks with his passion for game.

“I want to prove that Pakistan has got the talent of football,” told Shams Taj. “I have been playing for the last ten years, I have trained with foreign coaches who have praised us. There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan and I want to tell these people that Pakistani footballers can do well at the international stage,” he added talking to ARY Sports

Despite such condition of football grounds and the recent ban by FIFA, a passion for the football in Karachi is unconditional. Number of local football clubs are working for the improvement and giving their best to put end these bleak days of football, Gulshan Soccer Academy, Karachi United and many others.

Shams is worried about his expenses, and he is looking for a sponsor that can bear the expenses for his ticket. If everything goes smooth, he will leave for England at the end of July. Here is the invitation copy,

Source ARY Sports

An immense of football talent is present in the country, the only thing we lack is opportunities for our young raw talent. Football in Pakistan can progress to a next level  if the young talent is carefully nurtured and supported with good facilities.

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Source ARY Sports


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