Parachinar Blast: The Ignored City Of Pakistan

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Parachinar Blast

Parachinar is the largest city of FATA ( Federally Administrated Tribal Area)  in south of Peshawar. The city has been under regular attacks for over 25 years. The recent Parachinar blast atrocity took place on the last Friday just before Eid-ul-fitr, while the whole nation was preparing for the Eid and the Parachinar was bleeding. The blast almost took the lives of hundreds of innocent people and leaving dozens injured.

The situation is worse, the city doesn’t even have proper emergency facilities. Who knew the festival of joy and happiness before it’s arrival, will have a dark mornings. The families will be marching towards the graveyards instead of relatives, no one can feel that pain except victims. A father died, a son left his mother, a brother fighting for his life, all this caused by an act of terror dismantling number of families.

But, the coverage of mainstream media cleared that they only show those incidents which are in their interests. Channels were broadcasting Ramadan and Eid related shows, no particular coverage was given to the families of victims. In contrast to the oil tanker incident in Ahmedpur, not even government but the other officials also failed to portray the sense of equality in the country.

Is Parachinar, a disputed area where PM is unable to visit ? Do they have equal rights in the country? Or else Punjab is only priority for the Government?

The list of questions are uncountable and the situation have even rose the questions regarding the partial act of PM. While the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  suspending his visit from London due to Ahmedpur tragedy and arrived back in country. Although the visit was not official, it was a family visit. But, the Parachinar blast still was outlandish incident for the government and Prime minister. It is hard to analyze the scenario, and even harder to find out that, are other remote areas also the priority of government or only Punjab?

Parachinar has long terror history and the hundreds of people have sacrificed their lives just for the mother land. The ill behavior of media and other authorities pushed the crowd to protest and a well mannered one. The demands are valid and justified, being a citizen of Pakistan it is one’s right to question the security. The circulating stories regarding the sectarianism and patriotism of Parachinar are feeding the negative minds, while no one can question and match the service of locals for the Pakistan Army and country.


The least Pakistanis could have and should have done, was to probably sit in solidarity with the victims affected. The support shown this time is a disgrace to humanity. It clearly shows that Pakistan is no where near to sense of equality in the nation.



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