Patari’s Fanoos Series Shines The Spotlight On Hidden Pakistani Music

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Patari’s Fanoos Series

It is no secret that Pakistan has a rich tapestry of musical genres and traditions. Many series, like Coke Studio Pakistan and Nescafe Basement have already done a good job of bringing musicians from all over Pakistan together for collaborative studio performances. Fanoos, a latest series by Pakistani online music platform steps out of the studio to rediscover Pakistani music. The series is a collaborative effort between Zohaib Kazi and the Patari team.

Patari has previously made efforts to bring new talent to the forefront, in its Tabeer series. A series which brought forward the likes of Chitta Chola.

Players of Lyari

and The Sibbi Song.

Zohaib Kazi is a novelist, a producer who has been in the music industry since 2009. A participant in the coke studio fest as well. His album Ismail ka Urdu Sheher was among the nominees for the best album category at Lux Style Awards 2016.

‘Fanoos’, which is the Urdu word for ‘chandelier’, is aiming to bring forward Pakistani musical talent and traditions that have never been heard before. The trailer of the series features well-known names like Akhtar Channal Zehri from Balochistan and Maai Dhaai from Sindh, alongside relatively unknown artists like Islam Habib and the Bulbulik School.

First episode of  Patari Fanoos series

Zohaib Kazi goes all the way to Giglit Baltistan to record a song. This featured the students of Bulbulik Music School. Bulbulik is a project of the Gulmit Educational and Social Welfare Society, initiating on their aim to preserve and promote the rich history. Most of the songs sung by these students are in the indigenous Wakhi language. The magical notes of the local language, sung by both male and female students, make the song very catchy. The upbeat song is hence very aptly named ‘The Gulmit Anthem’.

Here is another look at the magical Bulbulik School in the midst of splendid natural scenery.

The second episode has Riaz Ali Qadri, the voice that made the nation listen to Baba Bulley Shah’s poetry in this beautiful track.

The Sufi singers are no more trending in the music industry since the release of this song 15 years ago. The Patari Fanoos series shows him singing a new track titled ‘Takht Hazar’. The song in the Punjabi language and relevant  to Zohaib Kazi’s music. The song starts off on a typical folk note. Progresses towards an electronic mode while reverting to the traditional folk style for a strong finish.

So for those who want to give the songs a well-deserved listen, the complete songs are available on the app and website. We think this effort deserves all the support, so be sure to chip in with a like following a share.

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